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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


TRAINING OVERVIEW: Activities and Agenda

Each day will combine keynote presentations with practical demonstrations. You will have the opportunity to learn the Havening Techniques® directly  from the co-creators, Drs. Ronald and Steven Ruden, along with an international team of trainers, facilitators, and assistants. You will also receive one-on-one and small group instruction by seasoned practitioners on how to apply the techniques.

What specifically will happen during the three days?

During our time together, primary focus will be placed in three areas. 


The first is exploring the basic science behind Havening, including how memories are encoded traumatically, how psychosensory/electroceutical interventions work, and how touch creates electrochemical changes in the brain allowing both for depotentiation of traumatically encoded memories as well as for amplifying and stabilizing positive qualities and states. 

We will overview the three elements (touch, attention, imagination), four components (activation, distraction, transpiration, amplification), and five principles (electroceutical intervention, traumatic encoding, amygdala depotentiation, state intensification, and self-directed neuroplasticity) that form the foundation of the Havening Techniques®.


The second is learning about the basic Havening protocols and their variations, which include Event Havening and Transpirational Havening for amygdala depotentiation as well as additional Havening interventions drawn from positive psychology research that work to build resilience, increase self-awareness, boost motivation, and optimize wellbeing.



The third area is practice. Approximately 50% of training time is spent in dyads, triads, and small groups where you will be practicing the core protocols, both as client and facilitator, and receiving feedback and guidance from experienced practitioners and trainers.


In addition to these three primary areas of focus, we will also devote time on Day 2 for:

a) a roundtable discussion with experienced practitioners in different professions, including counseling, social work, nursing, medicine and coaching; b) a detailed exploration of scope of practice and ethical guidelines; and c) a conversation about possible next steps, including the Certified Practitioner program, new Havening Techniques® research initiatives, local and virtual practice groups, and advanced Havening Techniques workshops.


By the end of the three-day training, you will be able to:

1. Describe how memories become traumatically encoded in the amygdala.

2. Describe how traumatically encoded memories can be depotentiated.

3. Identify three ways to discover the emotional root cause of a current limiting belief, behavior, or symptom.

4. Apply basic Havening Touch to self and others.

5. Conduct a thorough pre-Havening intake history.

6. Elicit effective and positively valenced source material for the distraction phase of Event Havening.

7. Facilitate the basic Event Havening protocol.

8. Facilitate the basic Transpirational Havening protocol. 

9. Facilitate the core resilience-building Havening Protocols, including Affirmational & Iffirmational Havening. 

Specific topics: What you will learn


In three days of active immersion in both theory and practical application, you will discover:


• Simple, powerful and practical tools for facilitating emotional, psychological and physical healing

• How to quickly and permanently dissolve the emotional residue of past painful memories

• How traumatic memories are encoded in the brain, and how to de-potentiate these memories so that they no longer evoke a negative emotional response

• Why talk therapy and pharmaceuticals are of limited effectiveness in addressing the root cause of trauma, and how the ’third pillar’ of psychosensory therapies opens the way for lasting healing of conditions often considered ‘untreatable’

• The two core Havening protocols for amygdala depotentiation: Event and Transpirational Havening

• How Havening disrupts the ‘trauma cycle’ that perpetuates emotional reactivity, hypervigillance, and ongoing suffering

• Step-by-step guidelines for clearing the emotional roots of negative self-talk and self-sabotage 

• How to shift limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that block the flow of inner peace and purposeful action

•How to discover and uproot self-sabotage patterns that unconsciously drive non-productive thoughts, feelings and behaviors

• Havening protocols for boosting resilience, increasing motivation, reducing stress, increasing mindful awareness and optimizing well-being. 

• How to use Havening to help the client create a positive self-fulfilling prophecy that propels them forward in the direction of their goals and dreams

• How Havening helps to unwind perpetual and chronic stress 

• How Havening can deepen access to inner wisdom for better decisions

• How Havening can enhance and deepen mental rehearsal, visualization, and guided imagery practices for accelerating goal achievement

• How Havening can be a powerful adjunct to meditative practices  cultivating mindfulness, empathy, compassion and equanimity

• Simple Havening protocols for quickly creating more inner calm and ease

• How to help family and friends feel better fast with the power of Havening touch

Support resources and materials - you will receive: 

√ Three days of experiential instruction (value $997+)


√ 9 hour DVD presentation (retail $195)

√ Havening primer (retail $49)           

√ Book: Fifteen Minutes To Freedom™: The Power and Promise of Havening Techniques® (440 pages) (retail $21)

√ Havening Handbook Resource Manual — (300 pages) (value $97)

√ Access to private Facebook group for Havening global community

√ Access to private Facebook group for Louisville training graduates

√ Certificate of Completion

√ CEU’s as requested for Nurses, Social Workers, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, Marriage And Family Therapists, and Licensed Professional Counselors

√ Opportunity to apply for Havening Techniques® Practitioner Certification process



This training is for you — if:

You display a good balance between head (intellect, reason),  heart (compassion, intuition) and hands (doer, bias for action);

You have a strong desire to help others and actively seeking ways to be of greater service to clients, patients, friends, colleagues, community;

You tend to be an early adopter — interested and curious about new innovations, discoveries, paradigms;

You are willing to invest your time, energy and resources in self-development and self-education;

You desire to make a contribution to a world where everyone thrives and where suffering is reduced; 

You work (or aspire to work) in a helping profession — health care, counseling, medicine, first responders, therapy (mental health, occupational, physical, social work), community activism, social justice/advocacy, education — or, you volunteer in some capacity that helps others heal, grow, and thrive. 

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