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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


Havening Louisville believes the following testimonials and endorsements reflect experiences that are representative of what other individuals can generally achieve with the use of the Havening Techniques® in actual, albeit variable, conditions of use. However, this does not necessarily imply that any given individual will experience the exact same or similar results as others who have similarly used the Havening Techniques. Although results generally should be within the range of results a significant number of individuals can experience, the results experienced by any one individual who has written a testimonial or endorsement is not necessarily what any other particular individual should expect to experience. Therefore, we can’t guarantee any specific results and the following testimonials do not constitute a warranty or predication regarding the outcome of an individual the Havening Techniques for any particular issue or problem.

“I came into the Havening training with 17 years of experience as a corporate seminar leader and wellness coach. I have explored many tools and techniques for personal development, and was intrigued when Harry shared Havening with me. After we worked together in a session, I was able to release a concern that had been weighing me down and creating a tremendous amount of stress.


When the opportunity to learn more about Havening came to Louisville, I followed my intuition and said yes. I learned a lot during the training, and also experienced another powerful release as a result of participating in a Havening session.


Before Havening, I noticed my clients would get so far in their session and then they’d get stuck. It always seemed to be a thought or a memory that blocked them from moving forward, from achieving their purpose. I experienced the same thing. I remember feeling stuck in my own fear, triggered from being trapped within my car, where I had to be removed with the Jaws of Life. This memory spawned a fear of closed spaces and being trapped. Havening seems to have helped me to completely release this fearful memory.


With Havening Techniques in my toolkit, I can help my clients succeed and resolve issues on a deeper level. Since the training, I have completed the certification process and am currently providing my clients with the opportunity to transform more rapidly and readily than ever! I highly recommend the techniques and the training.”

Kimberly May, Founder, Inspire Wellness, LLC



“The weekend was intense and enlightening. I have been Havening daily since and notice a difference in my demeanor. I am so excited to find a technique that can actually provide people with an opportunity to be free emotionally and physically.


I intend to use Havening in my ministry as a priest in which I do lots of pastoral counseling and spiritual direction. I deal with people with all sorts of spiritual and life situations where they are seeking relief - particularly religious trauma, relationship issues that are often rooted in some past trauma and stressors that come from life challenges. Sometimes talking and some other tools I use just don’t get to the root of the issue. I am excited to find a tool which can help move them forward in a gentle way so they can have a better experience of life, love and the Divine.


I am in the process of completing my certification and have experienced more and more positive - sometimes unbelievable — results with my clients. Thanks to all who participated and Harry, the Drs. Ruden and the whole team!”

Fr. Kevin Przybylski



“I walked the streets she walked. I visited the church where she first got her calling...all in uniform with weapons strapped to me. I have lived in scarcity, poverty, fear, terror, impoverishment and later guilt, shame, apathy and grief. Commanded troops. Deployed and deployed. Not much left of me after all that.


I attended the Havening Techniques® training in January because I trusted the recommendation of my therapist, although I was not certain that I could ever be free from the inner turmoil and PTSD that had been part of my life for so long. During the training, I had the opportunity to be Havened directly by Dr. Ron Ruden. The session changed my life. I felt light, free, present. The burden lifted, I could hardly contain myself.


Since the training, I have been a walking billboard that something is up. Five days after the course, my women's PTSD group of vets wants to know what is up with me. Eight days later another veteran PTSD group leader wants me to come prepared next time to share with the entire group what the heck is going on with me. I just smile (the one that is growing), sip my tea and bask in the ever mindful present. I continue to experience the after-effects of this session — my true self — my confident self — myself that knows inner peace — is back. Havening changed my life. Thank you, Doctor Ruden and the team!” 

Mary Ann Tackett, Physical Therapist, U S Army



"I'm a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works with patients who have experienced significant trauma. I've trained in EMDR and had been primarily using EMDR in my practice. Although I had positive experiences personally with Havening at the demonstration when Harry worked with me, I still was not fully convinced. During the training, and afterwards in the practice groups, I learned how to use Havening for myself and my clients and gained a solid grounding in the protocols.


I also have been really curious about the science behind Havening, so I took the initiative to go back to the original studies cited by Dr. Ruden. As I explored this science and began to use Havening in my practice, I am becoming more confident and skilled in my application of the techniques. Havening can really work - and I am using it more and more in my practice. I strongly recommend that any mental health professional who wants to help his/her clients in the most effective, gentle way explore Havening."  

Doug Hayworth, MFT




“I remember the first time I witnessed Havening in action. I was attending a demo with 6 or 7 other therapists, and when the demonstration subject reported her fears resolved after perhaps 15 or 20 minutes, I intuitively knew that I needed to know more. Attending the actual training inspired me. I was able to learn directly from the primary originator of Havening, Dr. Ronald Ruden, and most importantly, I had the chance to practice and to begin to grasp the power of these techniques.


My real transformation, however, occurred approximately two months after the training. Harry offered a series of ‘Demo days’ for graduates of the training where he would work with volunteers and afterwards discuss the cases. I volunteered. Little did I know that this Saturday morning was to change my life. As a result of this single session with Harry, I released a lifetime of hurt, regret, guilt and emotional pain. I left that day astonished and more committed than ever to becoming an excellent Havening practitioner.


I have used Havening with many clients, and continue to witness profound and positive shifts. I self-haven on a regular basis, and also trade sessions with my practice group colleagues, so Havening is becoming a way of life for me. I’m trained in EMDR and PEAT and find that Havening complements and supports all of these approaches. Above all, Havening is helping me help my clients heal faster and more gently — and I feel good at the end of the day, no matter how much my clients have released. I highly recommend the training and certification for any mental health professional who wants to be on the cutting-edge and wants to have an even more positive impact with their clients.”

Monica Echols, LCSW



“I’m a Registered Nurse, specializing in physical rehabilitation, who also is trained in a number of complementary and alternative medicine modalities, including Healing Touch and Jin Shin Jyitsu. When I first heard about Havening, and in particular read the accounts of Nurse educator Holly Shaw and former RN Kimberly Ann Davis in the book Fifteen Minutes To Freedom, I was intrigued. Then when a Havening session with Harry helped my husband release the memory of a very stressful life experience that had resulted in tremendous anxiousness and fright when undergoing a medical examination, I knew this was something I wanted to learn more about.


Attending the training and participating in practice groups has been phenomenal. As I work towards my certification, I have observed that Havening can help many of my patients experience relief from stress, reduced levels of emotional and physical pain, and releasing of memories that previously have caused a great deal of suffering.


I have also personally benefited from receiving Havening sessions from my peers. I am more resilient, less reactive, generally calmer and better able to deal with life’s unpredictability and challenges. If you are a nurse or work in any healing profession, Havening Techniques® can help you help your patients and clients feel better and provide them with the opportunity to truly resolve the pain of their past.” 

Cindy Martin, R.N.



“I am an RN and Integral Coach. In addition to my coaching business, I work with women recovering from addiction who have a child under three years old. Since I have been working in this capacity, I have learned that many of the women who battle with addiction have also experienced the consequences of traumatically encoded memories, often increasing the difficulty of recovery. 


Before attending the training, I felt a frustration about how much coaching was helping our women thrive. I went to the training because Harry had used Havening with me regarding an issue affecting me so much it was difficult to even talk about. Afterwards, I went home and, for the first time, had a conversation regarding the issue with no tears! This experience, along with my desire to reduce the effects of past emotional pain, prompted me to attend the training.


The demonstrations at the training were unbelievable, the speakers engaging and to my surprise, we practiced Havening both days! After the training, I was convinced Havening is the healing tool of the future. Now, I am combining my coaching and Havening. It's a wonderful combination; Havening clearing the path for forward action! Today, I am currently completing my certification in Havening, expanding my coaching business and working with the women in recovery as well as their support team of professionals! I also use Self-Havening daily to build resilience, set my intention for the day and boost my positive energy! Havening is a game changer!”

Annalisa Benner, RN



"'I’m too old for this’ was my first reaction to hearing that Harry Pickens was sponsoring a new technique — Havening — and signing up participants for a January 2017 workshop. As a psychotherapist with 50 years of experience, I had plenty of tools in my toolbox. If anything, I needed to cull or prune the unused tools and to get serious about retiring.


I knew Harry from having done PEAT (Primal Energy Activation and Transcendence) work with him before, and I liked him. He had introduced Havening to our PEAT study group and it intrigued me enough to try it on one of my clients. That one application of a rough version of Havening had a rather startling effect on my client, one that was sustained and unpredictable. “’Sustained and unpredictable’’ are not exactly the words I want to describe my psychotherapy practice. The only way to really learn to do Havening was to sign up for the January 2017 workshop.


So I did and showed up at 8:30 in the morning, ready to take on learning yet another ’new’ therapy technique. By mid-morning I was so struck by the power and scientific validity of Havening that I knew I would be an ardent supporter of it. I knew I would not only be using it but also touting it, and passing it on to friends and colleagues. Certification as a Havening practitioner became a forgone conclusion. So I paid the additional fee for the additional training, did the 30 case studies, passed the scientific and ethics tests, and did the two video tapes of client sessions to present to my mentor, Ira Scott. By Easter of 2017, I was the first person in our January workshop to become certified. (Prior to Easter, I gave up ‘’wasting time’’ for Lent as my spiritual discipline; by doing so I could devote the additional time to the certification process. Self-Havening was key in keeping me on task.)


Half a year later I’m even more excited about Havening and the myriads of ways it can be used with other therapeutic techniques. In particular the PEAT work I do has become even more successful. Clients leave the session in a very calm, peaceful state, full of light and full of gratitude for the transformation. The key to this happy outcome is combining polarity work from PEAT with the kind, gentle changes from Havening. Clients no longer struggle to resolve their issues (usually embedded in a particular polarity) but effortlessly slide into a state of oneness.

The Havening training teaches practitioners to use different protocols, including the basic Event Havening. My approach starts with Event Havening, deepens the work with Transpirational Havening, and then when the underlying polarity invariably shows up, closes with the combined PEAT-Havening polarity work. The end result is the calm, peaceful, light state.

Harry Pickens has been extremely supportive of my growth as a Havening practitioner. I owe my success to his constant encouragement and ongoing efforts to build a Havening community. He has graciously invited me to present my polarity work at an upcoming workshop. I am absolutely thrilled to have this opportunity to share these discoveries.

 John Skaggs, Ph.D.



“When my good friend Harry Pickens first told me about Havening, a newly developed technique for healing the chronic after effects that result from overwhelming emotional pain, I was skeptical. It sounded too good to be true. However, in all the time I have known him, Harry has never steered me wrong. So, I checked it out.


First, I read all the literature I could find. I learned that the Havening techniques were developed by two highly trained individuals – Doctors Ron and Steven Rudin – based on a plausible model reflecting a cutting edge neurophysiologic and neurochemical understanding of human brain function.


Then I attended Havening demonstrations conducted by Mr. Pickens where I observed the amazing efficacy of this tool to quickly remove disabling physical and emotional symptoms derived from previous exposure to trauma. In over 40 years of practicing psychiatry, I have been often frustrated by the limited benefit our cognitive and/or biochemical interventions had to offer to those suffering from PTSD and related syndromes. Yet, here I was witnessing the dramatic remission of intense symptoms, often in a matter of minutes, with no reoccurrences in follow-up.

Next, I 'bit the bullet' and volunteered to be a subject in a Havening demonstration. To my utter delight and deep relief, a residual fearfulness that I had carried all my life in the wake of a terrifying childhood trauma was eradicated completely. It has been eight months and I remain totally free of the paralyzing effects of that fear. In an effort to learn more about what’s going on here, I have signed up for the Havening training event that will take place in Louisville, Kentucky this coming November.


If you are aware of persistent limitations in your life resulting from previous exposure to traumatic experiences, or are seeking an effective tool to share with someone you know who is so encumbered, or are simply desiring to help yourself and others experience higher levels of wellbeing and inner freedom, I urge you to look into the ground-breaking technique of Havening. Experience it for yourself. Be assured its benefits are for real and I believe it has the potential to introduce us to healing possibilities never before experienced in our culture.

Clifford Kuhn, M.D.

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