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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


The Power and Promise of Havening Techniques®

Compiled and Edited by Harry Pickens

Table of Contents (click on chapter to read)


Introduction: Stories of a Quiet Revolution

Part I: A New Way Of Healing


Chapter 1: What are the Havening Techniques®?

Chapter 2: Fifteen minutes to freedom: Kate Truitt, Part I & Part II

Chapter 3: From trauma to triumph: Holly Shaw

Chapter 4: Helping people create the lives they desire and deserve: Eugenia Karahalias

Chapter 5: Dissolving the chains of addiction: Ross Hyslop

Chapter 6: Animating the process: Tam Johnston


Part II: Releasing The Pain Of The Past


Chapter 7: A tool, not a therapy: Tony Burgess, Part I & Part II

Chapter 8: Sculpting your own neurology: Carol Robertson

Chapter 9: Touching the future of health care: Kimberly Ann Davis

Chapter 10:  Phantom limbs, chronic pain, and PTSD: Chris Meaden

Chapter 11: The sky’s the limit: Bill Solz


Part III: Helping Those Who Help


Chapter 12: Rapid relief for survivors, soldiers and first responders: Irene Hajisava

Chapter 13: Vigilance, veterans, and ‘voodoo’: Malika Stephenson

Chapter 14: Healing the healers: Joanne Harvey


Part IV: Self-havening For Self-Transformation


Chapter 15: I became my own case study: Louise McKay

Chapter 16: No pain, no meds: Elizabeth White

Chapter 17: It was meant to be: Lynn Demers

Chapter 18: Me 2.0: David Chametsky


Part V: Becoming Your Best Self


Chapter 19: Optimal performance in poker, golf, and life: Stephen Simpson

Chapter 20: Transforming stress into serenity: Bonnie Park

Chapter 21: From broken down to breaking through: Steven Travers

Chapter 22:  Seeing miracles every day: Donna Ryen

Chapter 23: Even skeptics spread the word: Michele Paradise


Part VI: Real Problems, Real Solutions


Chapter 24:  Building the toolbox: Susan Cortese

Chapter 25: The root of the issue: Ira Scott

Chapter 26: What matters is what works: Doug O'Brien

Chapter 27: Get a taste of it: Olf Stoiber


Part VII: A Safe Haven For Humanity


Chapter 28: Havening the world: Paul Emery

Chapter 29: Community of healers: Louise and Michael Carmi

Chapter 30: From inner peace to world peace: Kathryn Temple

Chapter 31: Healing, havening, and humanity: Ulf Sandstrom


Part VIII: An Idea Whose Time Has Come


Chapter 32: Tracking a global movement: Feliciana Tello, COO, Havening Research

Chapter 33: Curiosity, Patience, Persistence: Ronald Ruden, M.D., Ph.D.

Chapter 34: Changing the world: Steven Ruden, D. D. S.



Getting the help you need: How to find a Havening Techniques® Certified Practitioner

Helping others heal: How to get trained in the Havening Techniques®

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