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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


From Trauma To Triumph:

The Power of Havening Techniques®


In just 90 minutes you will have the opportunity to learn gentle, simple and effective tools that have been shown to reduce stress, to support you to feel good more often, and to help resolve the pain of your past.


When you attend this free introductory webinar, you will have the opportunity to:


  • Learn a simple, gentle and effective set of tools designed to reduce stress, build resilience, and release the emotional imprint of stressful and upsetting memories;

  • Discover new insights into the neurobiology of trauma and how stressful and upsetting experiences can get stored in the brain — and how it’s possible to reverse this process, resolve the stressful and upsetting events of the past and restore our well-being;

  • Experience simple ways intended to help yourself and others release the cumulative impact of toxic stress, increase capacity to access positive emotion, bounce back from challenges more quickly, and feel better more often;

  • Leave the webinar 90 minutes later with the possibility of feeling calmer, more relaxed and refreshed and ready to return to life’s challenges with a renewed sense of possibility; plus …

You’ll also learn about the upcoming Havening Techniques® Training.


The webinar is free, but seating is limited. Pre-registration required; location details forwarded upon registration. To register and for more information, contact us HERE.

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