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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


What it is


The Havening Techniques® use touch, attention and imagination designed to trigger electrochemical changes in the brain that can alter how memories are processed. The potential results of this simple procedure? Reduced stress, increased resilience, higher levels of achievement, and emotional, psychological and physical healing.


How it is intended to work


Dr. Ronald Ruden devoted over a decade to research the process of stressful and traumatic encoding: he investigated  how the amygdala electrochemically ‘marks’ specific emotionally painful memories so that present-moment sensory input can ‘trigger’ the fight/flight/freeze response. His tireless quest resulted in a breakthrough understanding of the process of depotentiation — how it's possible for these memories to be changed on the synaptic level so that they may no longer ‘invade’ the present moment. The Havening Techniques® represent the practical fruitage of Dr. Ruden’s research. His book, When The Past Is Always Present, comprehensively articulates his discoveries.


Why it matters


While it's not possible to provide any guarantees, Havening is believed to facilitate rapid, gentle and seemingly permanent electrochemical change in the cells of the amygdala. The premise is since this process of depotentiation occurs on the level of the individual synapse, the corresponding transformation can be nearly instantaneous. Our premise is Havening can work much more efficiently than cognitive approaches to resolving stressful life experiences and trauma. Havening also requires no intake of drugs or special equipment. The transformation that can result from the successful application of Havening Techniques® represents a new paradigm in the practical application of neuroscience to address emotional and psychological issues.




The Havening Techniques® emerged from Dr. Ruden’s extensive research, building on the juxtaposition and synthesis of his experience as a physician and his Ph.D. in biochemistry. Constant experimentation and refinement, forged through clinical experience with over two thousand patients and clients before introducing Havening protocols to the general public in 2013, ultimately led to the development of an exquisitely simple, easy-to-apply and infinitely flexible set of tools that can be adapted and integrated into a variety of health care practices, including licensed mental health care professionals, allied health care professionals, and non-licensed practitioners such as alternative healing arts practitioners and wellness or life coaches.




Research into the efficacy of the Havening Techniques® continues on an ongoing basis. One study, documenting the impact of single sessions of Havening, has been published in a professional peer-reviewed academic journal (SEE STUDY HERE). More clinical trials are currently underway, assessing Havening Techniques® efficacy in reducing stress, alleviating symptoms of PTSD, and other areas.


Applications/Issues Addressed


In the hands of a skilled licensed mental health care practitioner, Havening Techniques® may help:


  • Halt and reverse the long-term psychological and physiological impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences

  • Heal amygdala-based disorders, including panic attacks, phobias and PTSD

  • Reduce and eliminate the emotional root of chronic pain

  • Relieve present-moment emotional reactivity and discomfort

In the hands of a skilled alternative healing arts practitioner or coach, Havening Techniques® may help:

  • Remove inner blocks to goal achievement

  • Enhance performance in sports and the performing arts

  • Build real-time resilience

  • Unwind chronic negative stress

  • Reduce reactivity while broadening and building capacity to respond and adapt to challenge and change

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