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NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd, 2019


The Power and Promise of Havening Techniques®

Compiled and Edited by Harry Pickens

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Havening Techniques® students, practitioners, and trainers share how this remarkable neuroscience-based tool is helping their clients:

  • dissolve toxic stress;

  • boost positivity and resilience;

  • recover faster from physical, emotional, and psychological challenges;

  • quickly and permanently heal the emotional residue of trauma; and

  • create lives of fulfillment and freedom.

A quiet healing revolution is spreading slowly but surely across the planet.

This revolution is taking place not through the latest discoveries in pharmacology, or through new insights in how to manage symptoms of emotional, physical or psychological dis-ease.


It is taking place one person at a time, through a simple process that uses the power of touch, attention and imagination intended to heal emotional (and often, physical) pain that has seemed intractable and unresolvable.

This revolution cuts to the core of the cause of much of humanity’s suffering, and provides a simple yet profound method that literally rests in the palm of our hands.


This book tells the story of this revolution from the perspective of individuals who have devoted their time and energy to learning and sharing this powerful process with the world.

Fifteen Minutes to Freedom Reviews (Amazon)

This wonderful book describes the birth of a new healing technology, called Havening, through the experiences of those who were early adopters. Harry Pickens interviews these individuals who share their amazement both at the neuroscience that outlines why it works and the robust clinical outcomes they are able to obtain. Rarely does a new method get such a historical view from those who introduced it within their practice and life. The stories of healing outlined here are profound and miraculous. The excitement felt when stories of decades of distress are erased, sometimes in minutes, is contagious. I recommend this book for open-minded skeptics, for those who have already been Havened, for those who practice Havening and for those who want to see what it is like to be astonished. Dr. Ronald A. Ruden

This book offers the reader a great opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a phenomenal breakthrough in our understanding of how we heal from the pain and trauma of our lives. The author, Harry Pickens, introduced me to Havening a couple of years ago, directing me to the accumulating body of scientific data documenting the amazing benefits of this newly developed technique. After reading the literature, I was intrigued, but remained skeptical until I had the recent opportunity to attend a conference/demonstration at which I met Havening's founders, Dr. Ronald Ruden and Dr. Stephen Ruden, along with some of the other individuals featured in this outstanding book. That event turned my skepticism into enthusiasm. During the Havening demonstrations, the dramatic and immediate release from fear and pain that I witnessed in others and felt personally was unprecedented in my experience. I realize it may sound "too good to be true," but I encourage you to read this book filled with first hand reports from those who have already been dramatically affected for the better by the Havening experience. Then, make up your own mind. It could change your life. Constance A. Kuhn

Highly inspirational book on the power of healing through Havening Techniques. This book is a series of interviews with a wide variety of Havening Techniques practitioners regarding their personal and professional experiences using Havening. What impressed me the most is their vast array of highly respected expertise in numerous areas of treating trauma. The one thing that unites them all is their passion for the incredibly fast, gentle and effective use of Havening and its healing powers. Anonymous

The significance of Harry's new book is hard to understate; it is the right book at the right time and hopefully will be read by the right people--those people passionate about making the world a better place. Fifteen Minutes to Freedom offers exactly that. A scientifically grounded, deceptively simple, elegant technique, when done correctly, works incredibly fast in bringing about permanent change of long standing conflicts and issues. As a practicing psychologist with 45 years of experience, I know how difficult it is to induce change when clients find every reason to not change. Havening (originally called the amygdala depotentiation technique) is that revolutionary process on the verge of going viral. In his seminal book, The Tipping Point, Malcolm Gladwell describes how social movements mimic biological plagues like influenza. The early stages of social movements always have connectors e.g. those rare people who personally know hundreds if not thousands of other people, and mavens e.g. those people who collect myriads of unusual and weird ideas. Harry has managed to find the connectors and mavens of the Havening world and interview 34 of them, uncovering the unique contributions of each to the explosive growth of Havening. Since I am an early adapter, I am pragmatic to the core, and I recognize that havening flat out works, I found this book to be enormously useful. To read how all these practitioners of Havening have integrated havening into their rich, varied, and successful professional lives is a real treat. It makes it so much easier to integrate the workshop I just finished in January into my own professional and personal life. So the take home message is just do it: Harry's book is as good as any way to enter the world of Havening. Dr. John B. Skaggs

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